Silver Crescent for Isabell Montreuil sur Mer

de fin cure vows ay servi 
“I have served you with a sincere heart”
Beauty above is of great value. Beauty below is of great work.
The embroidered cloth is made to be admired, of colors bright and stitches neat. Yet only beneath the brightness of the cloth the measure of the work is seen. There is a pattern to the back, the work-side of every lovely thing. Few know this as well as Isabelle de Montreuil sur Mer, who has embellished the kingdom with her work and dedication to the success and enjoyment of others.
Her life would make a tableaux finely staged – in the many panels one would see her beside the fire cooking for a hungry house. Laden with water for horses and riders. Gently holding the train of a Queen. Bearing baskets and umbrellas. Wearing the heavy gown of Chancellor serving those who would learn to better serve. Planning and serving, transporting, ensuring and securing the design all can see with sturdy knots below the scene.
What an embroider’d tale of Isabelle de Montreuil sur Mer! But now sew before her bow’ed head: appliquéd in silver bright the moon resplendent in the night, hanging over Eastern crown, to show the world her lovely worth. Surround her with that Order of esteem, each one a spangle on the cloth that glorifies the mighty East.
It is with our joy that we, Brennan Augustus and Caoilfhionn Augusta, do join Isabell Montreuil sur Mer with their Order of the Silver Crescent, at the Tournament of the Lady of the Rose in their Barony of Bergental on this glorious twentieth day of September, anno sociatatis XLIX.
calligraphy by Gwillim Kynith, illumination by Agatha Wanderer, words by Aneleda Falconbridge