Golden Kinder for Tryggve

Listen all                     here who gather
As we speak                of a bold youth.
you may know            Gold-haired Tryggve
Stefnisson                   ‘neath Austri’s skies.
Sapling-tall                  the ankle-biter
In his boyhood             made great noise.

The lad lived                by the whale road.
Northern kiss               was good-night song.
There he learned          tales of people,
sang the songs              to keep the past
slept beneath                winter’s blanket,
thawed his tongue        beside the fire.
Boy was blessed           with Bragi’s gift.

For his art                     singing stories
Grace him with             Golden Kinder
Ring-red child               of uncut thread
Sing your songs            to chester’s folk.
May your years             mount many tales.

Heed you now               the ring-rich givers
Silver wolf                     howls his honor
Brennan bold                 Imperator,
Tale teller                       of his own right,
Blends with bright         Caoilfhionn’s voice
Our tune-true                 Imperatrix.
Thanes and jarls             do them homage.
Skalds and scops            sing their sagas.

Tournament                     of Lady Roses
Marked the day               in Haust-mánuðr*
Tuttugu                            numbered the day.
Bergantal                         bore this bounty
forty-nine                         years past the Founding.

by our hands signed eternal

Brennan Caoilfhionn


The Golden Kinder is an Eastern youth award recognizing efforts in the Arts and Sciences
· Haust-mánuðr (Harvest/autumn month/September) “huast man-uther”
* Tuttugu is “twenty” in old Norse
Austri is the dwarf who holds up the Eastern sky