The Duelist

About this piece

This song was written for swordfighters, particularly the duelist who challenge each other to single tournament combat with schlagers and fencing foils. It was inspired by a conversation in which the evocative words, “It’s for the love of the blade,” were uttered. I’ve been carrying that thought for weeks now, and am glad to finally give it its due.  Dedicated to Duelist Devillin MacPherson. 

The Duelist

If with a duelist, you should wish to dance
Find a partner, bow, and take your stance.
Though charm seduce you, please believe
The duelist grants no one reprieve
Song of swords is sweetest serenade, 
For it’s all done for love –
But that love is the love of the blade.

The duelist at play will surely beguile
With drama, flair, and an alluring style.
For honor, glory, they shall ever fight.
Be wary if you face the duelist’s might.


Approaching challenges with great panache,
Devoted both to buckler and to swash
Their wit and dagger are of the sharpest steel,
When pressed, their deadly eloquence revealed.

Upon the duelist, you can always rely
To offer sanctuary or an alibi.
Every good virtue they will defend.
Fortunate are you who call one friend.


Be not cruel or unrefined, untoward –
Else you release the duelist’s flashing sword
Lovers of the blade are keen and clever,
May the duelists’ fame go forth forever.

p.s. congratulations Muirenn and Caoilfhionn! <3

Released: September 2, 2022. Music, lyrics, melody, production by Monique Bouchard. Spanish trap guitar loops by Makalo (Insta: @mvkalo) found on Kind content feedback by Drew Nicholson.

If you’re a reenactor, LARPer, SCA, etc., please know you’re welcome to perform my work with credit. If you want to record something, please shoot me an email at aneleda (at) yahoo (dot) com.