About Aneleda

The Bouchards at an SCA event.
Aneleda Falconbridge, Andre Qui Boit du Lait and their wee bairn at the Endewearde Hunt.

Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge is a resident of the Barony of Endewearde, and singer, an autocrat (one who runs events), a former shire officer, a member of the Order of the Maunche (East Kingdom arts and sciences recognition) and the Order of the Silver Crescent (East Kingdom service recognition), a Companion of the Troubadour (East Kingdom recognition for bardic arts), and a Baroness of the East Kingdom Court. She’s also had the honor to serve as the East Kingdom King’s Bardic Champion for Gryffith FitzWilliam II, King Lucan VIII, and King Gregor III during AS46, and is a Delicate Flower of the Northern Army, where she fights with spear and combat archery crossbow, and occasional (hopefully motivational) loud singing.Mistress Mira Fennor of Argyll, and is a member of Thanet House, the household of Syr Cedric of Thanet.

She has been playing in the Society since 2001, her first event being the Great Northeastern War and her second event being Pennsic 32. Among her muses are the Northern and Eastern Armies, and her good friends in the SCA. She can generally be found by following the noise.

Pretty much all Aneleda does is the result of the gifts and generosity of her husband, Lord Andre Quiboit du Lait (Andrew the milk drinker), who does everything else, including make sure the house isn’t burning down while she’s running around doing other things. He has been at different times a fencer and archer, and has served everyone by helping Aneleda get things done without going stark raving mad. He considers her to be his own delicate flower, the Sunflower of the Apocalypse.


Lady Aneleda Falconbridge is an Englishwoman living in the first part of the 15th century in Northumberland, aside the River Tyne. Her family were, in ages past, converted to Christianity by the monks of Iona, where their faith made the chill weather and rugged countryside more easily borne. An apolitical family, Aneleda attended Mass at New Castle, where she learned hymns, songs and prayers.

Aneleda can often be found a-barding with Baron Jean Corbeau du Montagne of Malagentia, or singing with good friends Lord Gwillim Kynith and Constancia de Vianne. She was a founding member of Leafy Greens & Mutton, Endewearde’s vocal ensemble, which is on hiatus.

Aneleda Falconbridge
Aneleda, captured by Baroness Cateline de Borderesse.

Her skill with the soup spoon and oven has filled many bellies in Endewearde at events like Jehan’s Fencing and Fighting at the Fort, the Endewearde Hunt and Tourney o’ Love. She is a lover of Commedia dell’arte and has performed with iGrandissimi at Pennsic. She is occasionally one of the fierce fighting females in the terrifying Ladies of Thanet combat archery squad, the Sunflowers of the Apocalypse. She has recently started making cordials, and that makes her very happy.

She is known to favor a particular suite of pear-esque shades of chartreuse, which in Endewearde are often referred to as “Aneleda green.”  This color has been documented by Lord Gwillim, who noted its extensive use in stained glass in France, particularly in Notre Dame Cathedral. (It is actually the color of spring maple-tree flowers that are true Aneleda Green.)

She enjoys performing, including vocal bardic arts, storytelling, commedia d’ell arte, cooking, cordial making, combat archery, potable testing and general mayhem.

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And last but not least, Aneleda, in the modern world, is Monique Bouchard, a graphic designer and public relations and communications specialist from Old Town, Maine.