A Snail Water for weak Children, and old People

_A Snail Water for weak Children, and old People._

Take a pottle of Snails, and wash them well in two or three waters, and
then in small Beer, bruise them shells and all, then put them into a
gallon of red Cows Milk, red Rose leaves dried, the whites cut off,
Rosemary, sweet Marjoram, of each one handful, and so distil them in a
cold still, and let it drop upon powder of white Sugar candy in the
receiver; drink of it first and last, and at four a clock in the
afternoon, a wine-glass full at a time.

A Queens Delight - The Art of Preserving, Conserving and Candying. As also, A right Knowledge of making Perfumes, and Distilling the most Excellent Waters.

So, there’s this recipe for a Snail Water…..

And I’m going to make it.