Hweat! Celowyn

And in Anglo Saxon, because…

Hweat! Celowyn

(Hweat Hweat Hweat)

naéfre ic máran geseah 

þæt gód lenge swá  gód

( swá  gód, swá  gód, swá  gód)

secge ic þé to sóðe

þæs wéndon aér 

þæt híe naéfre wolde.


This is how it translates / retranslates.

Sweet Caroline

(buh buh buh)

Good times never seemed so good

I’ve been inclined

To believe they never would

But now I…

Hweat! Celowyn

(Hweat Hweat Hweat)

naéfre ic máran geseah

þæt gód lenge swá  gód

( swá  gód, swá  gód, swá  gód)

secge ic þé to sóðe

þæs wéndon aér

þæt híe naéfre wolde

Hey Celowyn

(hey hey hey)

Never have I seen

that good time

so good

I say to you in truth

it was thought before

that they never would


Below are the notes of a crazy person trying to put “Sweet Caroline” into Anglo Saxon. Because this is what passes for documentation at 2am. 

naéfre ic máran geseah eorla ofer eorþa never have I seen greater noble on earth  
aénig heora þóht  none of them thought   

ofgyfan wolde  ( should be willing to give up)

þæs ne wéndon aér    it was not thought before

þæt naéfre Grendel swá fela   gryra gefremede
that Grendel would have never so many   atrocities committed,

þæt híe healfre geweald  /  that they would half of it control

secge ic þé to sóðe,   sunu Ecgláfes, I say to you in truth,   son of Edgelaf,


Dammit, now I’ve had to puzzle it out…

Hweat! Celowyn (Hweat Hweat Hweat)

þæt gód lenge  (that  good time)

ne wæs þæt gód síð (was not so got

naéfre gít æt lenge (never yet at time?)

naéfre wolde

swá gód lengen aéfre wolde ( it seemed never would?)

ne wæs þæt forma síð /  it was not the first time


Fyrst forð gewát· time passed by

góde gode

gódum  good things

gódne good one

 þaér se góda sæ _____ there sat the good  _____

grundwong þone    ofgyfan wolde· this earth    should be willing to give up;
sceolde willan    wíc eardian he was obliged to be about to    inhabit a dwelling
elles hwergen·    swá sceal aéghwylc mon elsewhere,    as must every man
álaétan laéndagas.    Næs ðá long tó ðon abandon loaned-days.    It was not long to when
þæt ðá áglaécean hý eft gemétton: that the fierce enemies