Order of the Chivalry for Matthew Moraveous Avdenmork

WHEREAS the man know as Matthew Moraveous Avdenmork has come before Our presence at Our request; and

WHEREAS Matthew Moraveous was a decade hence reborn as one of the the pride of the Azure Tyger, serving her by choice as a sinister defender of the indomitable East, raising his arm to her glory with honor and joy against all challenges; and

WHEREAS he hath, time and again, forsaken all others to hunt the mighty dragon as an Unbelted Champion; and braved and bested,  with brutal exhilaration, the berserkers of the birch isle; and is numbered among the most fearsome band of Tygers Combatant; and

WHEREAS this kinsman of good heart continued to exhibit proper fealty to his beloved and fallen Knight and laudable loyalty to his widow; and has honorable represented his allegiances to Haus Dagon, the Dutchy von Drakenlkaue, his own House of the Crucible, and the Northern Army; and has loving provided for his family with inspirational devotion; and 

WHEREAS We have witnessed that his affection for the martial path has been unwavering, having seen his earnest adherence to martial laws and customs and having noted the prowess and humility evidenced in his behavior; We, Brennan August and Caiolfhionn Augusta, confirm by these letters patent, before all plebians and patricians, that Matthew Moravious Avdenmork is this day joined to an exclusive company, the best consorts of the Domina Orientalis, of whom there is no equal, as a member of the Order of Chivalry, who shall bear his own Arms:


Henceforth, may Matthew Moraveous ever augment the estimable Peerage of the Order of Chivalry with his understanding and promotion of Justice, Mercy, Tolerance, Strength, Prudence, Perseverance, Temperance, Prowess, Humility, Courage, Sacrifice, Loyalty, Truth, Compassion, Courtesy, Grace, Hospitality, Sacrifice, Honor, Gratitude, Franchise, and Love as he continues to serve Our enduring land and its people.

This We set with Our Names on the eighth day of August, Anno Sociatatis XLIX, on the battlefield of the Great Pennsic War in the sylvan Kingdom of Aethelmearc.

consilio et animis *

Emperor Brennan August        Empress Caiolfhionn Augusta
*(by wisdom and courage)