The East Kingdom Sing MOAR Project

I found these notes recently in a random file and decided to share them.

Goal: Create a culture of group singing in the East.  Create and encourage singing opportunities, informal group-sing, and a positive feeling for singing in the SCA for people of all kinds.


  • people want to sing
  • group fun singing
  • informal singing


  • geography
  • conflicting activities
  • unfamiliarity with SCA songs
  • different versions of songs
  • focus often on individual bards/performers
  • diverse feelings of competency
  • little time for practice
  • knowing when to sing / SCA-appropriate material
  • maybe language barriers
  • inability to read sheet music
  • some physical barriers / comfort barriers



  • website with songs and sheet music
  • youtube vids of people singing
  • CD of common SCA songs
  • book of lyrics / sheet music


  • more music-themed events
  • more choirs (formal/informal)
  • more open performing (“the call”)


Kingdom Plan

  • collect sheet music of easy period stuff and rounds
  • collect “SCA” song lyrics
  • have music and lyrics available
  • offer to teach when it’s convenient for others
  • be approachable, offer often
  • facilitate informal learning situations that aren’t intimidating
  • encourage casual singing
  • give out lyrics/music if possible
  • encourage people who do not consider themselves to be singers to join in
  • stress that there’s no commitment or expectation
  • stress that “talent” is not nearly as important as participation

Local Plan

  • collect sheet music of easy period stuff and rounds
  • collect “SCA” song lyrics
  • get my shire “sing thing” to learn a bunch of stuff new to them
  • get the sing thing to let me video the stuff they DO know
  • put it on a youtube channel with lyrics on the videos
  • add the link to lyric/music


  • Wyndrith Berginsdottir songs
  • Rimini
  • Bow to the Crown
  • March of Campbreath
  • Mariah’s song
  • Peasant Knight
  • Shieldwall
  • Forsaking all others
  • A white belt is foerever
  • The Standing Stones
  • Byrd – non nobie
  • L’homme arme
  • Song of the sheldwall
  • Born on the Listfield
  • Light of the East
  • Ave Tigris
  • Eastern Tyger’s Roar
  • Regnum Oriantalis
  • Oriens Victoriousus
  • Welcome Home
  • Crusader’s Song
  • Lamas Night
  • The Quest
  • Cold Iron
  • The Pict Song
  • Boreal Star
  • Fires of Endwearde
  • The Feast Song
  • Dona nobis
  • Gaudatae
  • Siuil a Run
  • River Run Red
  • I Am of the North