A sonnet for the peace-King

The peace-King rules with gentle might –
this hand that bore the battle-sword –
from on the throne, all lands in sight,
brings joy to all who hear his word.

The richness of his people praised,
in graceful calm he does recline
as for their efforts they are raised –
he lifts their hearts, and they do shine.

How each is driven to excel
For this dear King who loves so well.

– a / 12/5/AS46


A small sonnet for my peace-King, in honor of his gracious support of those who love the arts, and especially for his naming of the Prince’s Bard of Tir Mara, an act which has touched many, feel. Syr Yssenge mentioned this as one of his favorite moments of the Tir Mara event: “AND, Diarmaid singing The Northern Star during court. I could hear people humming and beginning to sing along with him. I truly felt that we were our own Principality at that moment. We grew up a little more and towards our own identity more at that moment.”

Queen & King’s Archery Champion Scrolls, AS46

Both scrolls are based on the Byzantine Chant to St. Cyril (feast day June 19th) & St. Athanasios (feast day May 2). They were chanted/sung at the Court of King Lucan VIII at Vinland Raids in the Barony of Smoking Rock, AS46.

You may hear the scrolls sung (sadly, at desk not at court) here…

Queen’s Archery Champion Scroll

You became radiant
by your magnificent deeds,
meeting every mark
and becoming conquering champion.
Your skill has enriched all
and the East became greatly glorified.
You are found most worthy by our Queen
who this day now calls you Champion.

Master Krakken Gnashbone, thus it is the will of resplendent Jana Regina that you are named Queen’s Champion of Archery, this 18th day of June, AS XLVI in the Barony of Smoking Rocks.

King’s Archery Champion Scroll

As swift flies the arrow
you are now surely known
by your noble flights,
thus catching the attention of our King.
With your gifts set for the East
you bring great honor and glory to her.
You have worthily met every task
and are now this day called Champion.

Lord Kusunoki Yoshimoto, thus it is the will of ever-bold Lucan Rex that you are named King’s Champion of Archery, this 18th day of June, AS XLVI in the Barony of Smoking Rocks.


Original Text

You became radiant
by your orthodox deeds
quelling all heresy
and becoming conquering champions.
Your piety enriched all
and the church became greatly beautified
You have worthily found Christ our God
who by your prayers grants all great mercy.

I used the following site: http://chant.hchc.edu/ to learn the chants. The tunes and lyric are based on the women’s version in English of the chants for the feast day of Saints Athanasius and Cyril, whose feast day was closest to the event.