Museum Display

Our small local museum offered us space to have a display of SCA-made goods, which we eagerly assembled!  Below are some of the photos of the exhibits.  We included a stack of business cards, and while we didn’t get too many new member interest hits, we did make a very good local impression, showing how gifted many local artists and recreators are.


spice display
Period spices, many strange to the modern eye and palate.
museum display SCA
Part of a case at the museum.
Museum display SCA
Part of a display case with scrolls and other work displayed.
Clothing on display, dress and man's costume
A wool and linen dress and a 15th c. man's costume on display.
Part of a display case of misc. items
Weaving, nalbinding, spices and other items in a display case.
SCA items in a display case.
Leg wraps, a gemshorn, a doll based on the Bayeux Tapestry, a turned bowl and nalbinding in a display case.


Items by Mathias Fletcher, Lady Petra von Mumph, Master Mathias Plattninson, Master Cedric of Thanet, Mistress Mira Finovarr of Argyl, Lord Gwilim Kynith, Lady Aneleda Falconbridge and Lady Camille Dejardins were in the display, as were items on loan from Lady Bryn Millar, and Lord Griffyth Abernathy.