AoA – Lucie Lovegood

If fortune has been kind than you have met
This lady from the lovely English sea
Whose graces must serve as perfect key
As none have failed to love this sweet soubrette.

When she is near all worldly things forget.
She seems to solve all ills so gracefully
Perhaps it is how she attends to thee,
Her virtues maketh people not to fret.

Her pleasant smile at gate thou may have seen.
Perhaps you heard her laugh behind a shield,
Or on the path of errands she has run.
O what to do with worker so serene,
Who set on any task will just not yield?

Ah, here is notion for this vibrant one!
From this day forth shall Lady be her name!
Thought bold King Gregor and Queen Kiena bright,
And swift decided, unto our delight,
One Lady Lucie Lovegood we would claim!

In AS forty-six thusly ordained,
At Tournament for Eastern Crown, this rite,
Beneath the fifth day’s cold November light,
In Bergental, her ladyship attains.