Brewer’s Guild Scores

Panel Results: East Kingdom Brewers Guild

Brewer: Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge
Rank Achieved (including date):  Journeyman 7/11/14; Novice (BrewU 3/31/12);

Novice qualifying beverage:
Hypocrats > Angelica Water BrewU (3/31/12): 65

Knowledge requirements:

  • assists in local brewing
  • knows the SCA policy on alcohol
  • show an understanding of the necessity for cleaning, racking and aging
  • show an understanding of different types of packaging; while explaining brewing sanitation and common sources of contamination and spoilage.
  • show an understanding of the necessary equipment, ingredients and process of at least one division

Journeyman qualifying beverages:
Metheglin > Small Mead Digby (GNEW 7/11/14): 75.3
Cordial > Blackberry (GNEW 7/13/12) 67
Unique > Oxymel (GNEW 7/12/13) 71.7
Cordial > Pear (GNEW 7/11/14): 64

Novice Plus:

  • be able to explain ranking system of the guild;
  • teach at the local level;
  • show an understanding of the criteria for Rank &competition judging and participation in said judging;
  • participate in a Masters Panel Q&A;
  • Show intermediate level of knowledge (explaining the chemistry of fermentation as it relates to brewing);
  • be able to describe various styles of beer, wine, mead, and liqueur and their characteristics
  • 4 batches (from at least 2 different divisions) scoring 60+ on each at a Masters Panel.

Craftsman qualifying beverages:
Metheglin > Metheglin of Digby (Pennsic 8/1/2014) 81.7
Cordial > Cordial Water of Sir Walter Raleigh (GNEW 7/11/15) 73

Journeyman Plus:

  • teach at the local and kingdom level;
  • demonstrate the intimate familiarity with their declared specialty (characteristics of the major Beer Styles/ major wine/ Mead styles; including the history, characteristics and significance of their specialization beverage
  • 6 batches (from at least 3 different divisions) scoring 70+ on each at a Masters Panel.
  • (3 from other than declared specialty)


Craftsman Plus: 

  • have a full understanding of Judging – for both competition and ranking within the guild;
  • teach on both a local level (workshops) and at a Kingdom level (EKU/Brew U);
  • declare a primary focus(division) – produce 3 batches scoring 75+ on each;
  • declare a secondary focus(division) – produce 2 batches scoring 65+ on each;
  • declare a third focus(division) – produce 2 batches scoring 55+ on each.


Master Plus:

  • candidate must either be published, have an approved master’s project , have received a Laurel in the art of brewing
  • produce two batches from each division that is not their declared primary focus – scoring 80+ on each at a Masters Panel (2 each from 5 divisions)