Baronial Scroll – Ane and Sylvia du Vey, Baron and Baroness of Endewearde

Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre wrote the words down in his immaculate script and the gorgeous illumination and gold leafing is by Lady Christiana Crane.
Photo by Christiana Crane.

Heed good folk of Endewearde noble and fine –
Their Majesties shall enact their will and thine
That Ane and Sylvia du Vey may now
Take possession of these lands as rights allow.
Know now Baron, Baroness, of the white tow’r
We give you this demense, every stone and flow’r,

Each river, stream, and pond; trees both great and small;
Coastline, fields, and hills; and mountains short or tall,
Hold in fiefdom all these things and thus employ
Ornaments thereof in ready, tempered joy.
While the years dance by in graceful roundelay
Apply these wild and northern places as you may.

Mark well the society year forty eight
Our inaugural year of granting this estate,
On September’s 28th, this joyful day
We invest both Sylvia and her Ane.
By Our hands sign’d Gregor King, sweet Kiena Queen
In Endewearde’s Baronial lands long foreseen.

* * *

Each line is a painful 11 syllables, which is the form from which was a request from the calligrapher: “It would be a huge bonus if the words were in metered verse (I can’t tell how many syllables per line, between 9 and 11?) split into three “equal” parts like the example , but definitely not required. I know that adds a lot to the complexity.”

So, I did. The poem was made with three groups of 6, a/a, b/b, c/c scheme.