There are people in our lives who are generous and good, and who have some setbacks from time to time.

Ian (who many of you know as Angus Pembridge or Estgar aet Hrofeceastre) is one of those people.

Ever generous in others’ time of need, always willing to help a friend, he’s experiencing a time of need of his own.

Ian’s a skilled tradesman. He’s very talented and driven. He’s passionate and a natural educator, in addition to being a man of labor. He’s also facing a couple serious challenges that will affect his health long-term and frankly, he needs some help.


Ian is self-employed and responsible for his own healthcare. His business has been affected by setbacks this fall (especially weather.) Earlier this year, when the season was looking really good, he had scheduled dental surgery – dearly needed and medically necessary – that he now feels he needs to cancel midway through because he can’t pay for it. However, he’s already had a few appointments (all paid for out of pocket) and cancelling may not only be a major setback, but also may mean he has to do the prep part all over again.  But a guy has to eat – literally and figuratively – and we want to help him do so.

It’s darn hard to run a small business – 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business. Ian’s business is in year six, having been founded in December 2012. And there have been business challenges this year which have caused serious setbacks.

Ian has been doing what he can to keep up with everything and putting on a good face but it is a very good front. We didn’t even actually know about the dental crisis until really recently and learned that he can’t afford to keep these appointments due to finances — but we think he can’t afford NOT to keep them due to health.  (Plus, he’s already started this process and stopping will mean that his investment is wholly lost, not just set back.)

He’s not one to ask for help, but he has allowed some of us to do as we will. 

So we are asking for your help for this guy.

Ian and the fledgling pigeon that fell out of its nest in the warehouse.
Ian and the fledgling pigeon that fell out of its nest in the warehouse.

If you’ve loved seeing pictures of pulling timbers from the woods, hand tools in action, landscapes with well-cut frame pieces in them, or if you have learned something from him about material history, preservation studies, or heck, if you just love the guy and care about his health and wellness, we welcome your help.

How to Help

Donations of any amount would be incredibly welcome.

While this is an effort driven by small group of Ian’s close friends, Monique Bouchard will be the collector of funds.

Gifts can be sent to moniqueboucharddesign@gmail.com with PayPal.

EDIT NOV 19: You may also, of course, send directly to Ian at ian.stewart.preservation@gmail.com which may be for Ian the faster way.)

If you want to send something another way, please reach out to me via email and we’ll figure out something! If you wish to send via mail, send to Monique Bouchard / 111 4th St / Old Town, ME 04468. 

Thank you so much.

– Ian’s friends

(If you need a tutorial for PayPal gift giving, here’s a how to: https://www.wikihow.com/Send-a-Gift-via-PayPal.)