Wait for the War to be Over

This song is featured on the CD “I Am of the North” available for purchase online at:  http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/aneledafalconbridge/

I have brought in the wheat,
Worked the land with the plow.
I have done all that weather and time would  allow
But it isn’t the same without you somehow
As I wait for the war to be over

I have mended the thatching
The roof is quite strong
I’ve done all the tasks that I knew all along
As I winnow and thresh I almost hear your song
As I wait for the war to be over

There are many dried fish
And root vegetables too
And the berry preserves that I learned to do
But none tastes as good as when I’m with you
As I wait for the war to be over

The hens are still laying
And the meats are all cured
Your unit is headed far north I have heard
We mend and we work as we listen for word
As I wait for the war to be over

When we hear the call
That we’ve finished the strife
I will mount up our boy for the ride of our life
And we will have back then our mother and wife
As we wait for the war to be over.
This song is for my husband, and it’s about my year on the road as a champion. He took care of our son, and our home, and me, so that I could have my grand adventure. And I can’t thank him enough. It was written in the late fall of 2011.