Tourney Pilgrims

Written for the aspirants in the Armored Combat League trying for a spot in the Battle of the Nations Team USA.

The Pilgrim to the Tourney

The faithful pilgrim packs his pack
And starts upon the road,
Begins the journey with light step,
Though his arms bear a weighty load

Before him lay the journey long
Though legs may tire, his back is strong.
With others he marches in throng
His worth to prove to all.

The pilgrims take it foot by foot
Along the way they work and play.
Behind them are so many paths
Yet from here not a one will stray.

The way is often fierce and hard
They have been beaten, have been scarred
Yet unbruised honor well they guard
Their worth to prove to all.

Your eyes rest on the lofty goal
The keep is close, within your reach
With dented armor, polished arms
The close’d door each man must breach.

Brother now with brother pray
The pilgrim’s cloak now put away
With brutal chivalry display
Your worth to prove to all.

For all the brutal pilgrims taking this road today, I offer this (somewhat hastily composted) encouragement as you journey to the list. Stay safe, ferocious pilgrims. – aneleda