(Too. Much. Njal.)

I see Norse where no Norse should be. Thanks Njal.

The blood-rain / may pour on me
Fear no fight / going forward
I have seen / blade on life-thread
Norns know well / no beauty there
As a ship / on stormy swan-road.
Tie in tightly / wait for wave-lash
Lead-lid eye / you may carry
Bearing brow-waves / brow-waves bearing
Both born by / before break-light
Water-walls / moon-pulls worsen
Tie in tightly

(Inspired by Tom Cochrane’s verse)

“Let the blood you might see rain down on me
You don’t have to fight no more”
I have seen my death and it ain’t pretty
but it be a wild ride
Buckle in
“You might be tired and troubled and troubled but not today”
Now until dawn is the bumpiest road
Buckle in.