The Tale of Spring Crown Tourney, AS46

The tale of the Spring Crown Tournament, AS46, as told by Aneleda Falconbridge,
recorded at the request of King Lucan VIII.

Asked Jana, Queen, on morning bright
Enter you with good intent
To serve the East with fullest heart
should you to this throne ascend?
Over five score answered, Yes.

Bright the day
Fierce the sun,
Fiercer the combat.
Tygers’ pelts grew soaked with work.

Consorts sweet called down the bees,
Eastern flowers fair and soft,
swayed beneath the tourney trees in bloom,
where creatures of all kinds did rest.

Poles clash, swords swing
Some fall to rise again,
Some fall and remain.

Gentle music fills the air
to the tattoo of brutal drums.
Hawks circle in the sun,
keeping carrion birds at bay.

Come the clouds
as wains the day.

The earth trembles as falling, tumbling
comes the bear
crescents whirl their brightest points,
but are at last torn from the sky.

Golden lyon meets a dragon azure,
of double head. Thunderous roars
and jets of flame blaze,
but the lyon’s golden paw stomps the flame,
and it is done.

Now the massive bear approaches,
shaking fur, arctic strong.

Now the lyon paces in,
circling with softest growl,
stretching singed paws.

The sound of their meeting
shakes the hills,
waves crash on stillest lakes,
stormclouds gather to watch.

Now ursus, now lyon,
now argent, now or.

Noble beasts,
strong as forged ore,
bravery blinds with brightness.

Stamping, pawing
steaming in the flashing sun
axes glinting, lightning quick.

The bear takes a blow,
with his last he fights on as though unharmed,
but then a pause,
a word spoken in honor,
your blow has killed me.

He bows, then falls,
his silver head pants and hits the earth.

The lyon honors such a foe,
a fight worth having, battle bold.
The fallen bear he does salute.

He now walks to his lioness,
in the tall grasses pacing and prowling,
prowling and pacing.

With steady eye he watches her.
Your love, he growls in gentle tones,
rekindles a fire I thought was lost.

He takes her gently in his paw,
presents his pride and prize
to pride and cubs with joy.

Enter you with good intent
To serve the East with fullest heart
should you to this throne ascend?
Yes, the lyon and his lady say.

Lyon gold and tyger blue
we honor fully on this day.
I boast, for I was there to see,
Gregor strong, and Kiena keen,
take the crown and Eastern hearts
as prince and princess of the realm.


Now Master Toki has given me a little challenge with this now, and so it will likely appear again in a new incarnation of verse-style later.