The Tale of Jaden’s Shield

“This song is completely true.”

I happened to be watching
from upon a bale of hay
a battle for the bridges
on a sweltring summer’s day.
The soldiers were a stamping
and the shieldsmen lead the charge
with Jaden at the foremost
for his shield is very large!

For none shall pass
for none shall pass
no matter what they wield
they’ll never get beyond the reach
of Jaden’s mighty shield!
Oh none shall pass
oh none shall pass
for he will never yield
the mighty brute who stands behind
the girth of Jaden’s shield!

The runes he scratched upon it
have protected him from harm
and if they hadn’t been there
we wouldn’t have this yarn
for o’re the bridge came all the East –
the men in front with pikes! –
he was sure to have a beating
but this is what he likes.


Off the bridge left and right
the men fell far and near.
It seemed that clunks and groaning
were all that I could hear.
I lost him in the shuffle,
but soon he was revealed,
as with his shield held proudly
he march-ed off the field…


His helmet he then removed
with a gracious doff
I looked up at the golden shield
that he’d kept well aloft.
He looked and spoke these words to me
which I’ll never like forget
“I think I pushed so hard I soiled my self
but I can’t tell quite yet.”

Chorus (very enthuiastically)

Words and Music ©2004 by Monique M Bouchard, known in the Society as Aneleda Cytheria Falkonbridge.