Sing softly and carry a big stick…

Aneleda is a delicate flower of the Northern Army, posing in her SCA armor kit.
Another Delicate Flower of the Northern Army. And yes, that IS my authorization card in a plastic holder around my neck. And yes, I am a dork.

The Maiden Takes the Spear…Or is it the Nun Takes the Veil?  I can never remember…

Aneleda works with Thorson on her spear work
Aneleda shoots a bit high, and learns that Count Thorson obviously isn't Count because he was easy to hit...

But nuns and maidens aside, at the Great Northeastern War, Aneleda authorized in spear, and got a good run with Count Thorson in the process. A word to the wise – he is a) tall and b) hard to hit and c) not a good person to choose to start a spear duel with, if you’re ever thinking of throwing that gauntlet down.

The goal of the fight ultimately was for art, however, because the the King’s Champion really, really wanted to be the War Bard of Pennsic 40.

I think ultimately I can do more damage to the foe with my singing than with this spear, but we’ll see if the two of them can be a deadly motivational combination.

Since King Lucan offered an opportunity for his war bard to carry the Eastern Banner into battle, Aneleda has been excited and her modern counterpart has been busily getting kitted up, getting armor ready, trying to get more exercise and learning how to wield a weapon that’s a huge stick.

Aneleda in armor does not resemble Jean d'Arc.
Alas, I do not resemble Jean d'Arc, but in my own mind, apparently.

Because really, if you’re carrying a big stick into a battle (even if it IS the Eastern Banner), shouldn’t you be able to hit someone with it if you need to?





Photos courtesy of Syr Cedric of Thanet and Mistress Mira Fennor of Argyll.