Scroll text for King’s Rapier Champion AS 45

For fame one does not hoist the mighty sword
Nor take up as his art the rapier keen,
But for our Griffyth King, our Eastern Lord,
They thrust and parry, feint and fight as seen.
Thick has the field of noble challenge been
Yet one became distinct amongst the crowd.
Now sing we all as one this joyful pean
Unto the one who makes our King thus proud.
Ring out ye wintry bells of Bergantal
This twenty second day of the new year,
Proclaim this fencer’s prowess in your halls
Defender of the Eastern Realm all hear,
What Honor, Grace, Finesse and Chivalry –
The Champion of our King this one must be.

Signed King Griffith Fitzwilliam this day

That Gryffith d’Avingon
for pleasant art amid the lists is named
King’s Rapier Champion for this fine display

In anno societis forty-five
the year this noble one is thus acclaimed.


Notes on this piece:

Sonnet rhyme scheme based on a verse by Sir Philip Sidney written in 1581.