On Recording – Why Record?

Sooner or later every performer or songwriter seems to have a desire to record their performances.

In some cases it’s for learning, for others it’s to keep a record of their work or an archive, for others it’s to promote and even sell their work in the spirit of the working professional artist.

In my case I started recording because I wanted to remember my own work, which, when I began, was prolific – too much so to remember. Recording allowed me to write quickly, remember tunes and lyrics, and revisit them later.

People have asked about the process and so in this series I’m going to talk about my own process from dabbler to releaser of a CD for which you, gentle reader, can pay money to enjoy while supporting my art and allowing me resources to make more of it.

You can always email me questions at aneleda @ yahoo.com. I’ll answer as best  I can.

Here’s what I anticipate for topics:

1 – Why Record?

2 – Technical Details

3 – A Studio That’s Not My Laundry Room