Maunche – Seamus na Coille Aosda

Ri Kenric and Bean-righ Avelina call to their people to listen. Praise is the mead of those who make impressions. Spear-tall stands Seamus shire-maker, saffron-robed, armed to raid. A man of great worth, ceithearn* and crafter of Clan Cnoc Gorm, he walks the wood-lands in soft silence.

Tiarna Seamus na Coille Aosda knows all things which a forest-man should know, to weave and sew, to cut and fletch, to dye and work wool and leather. He bends the yew and makes for it a singing string. He fletches the arrow that feeds the clan. He sets the snare and praises the prey. He strikes the stone and brings forth sparks. He heats and strikes the iron to sharpness. He knows the trees both new and ancient. He forms fine things from them. He knows the stars and their directions. He sleeps beneath them in all weather.

Rare-gift giver, Seamus steadies new birch sapling, binds and props the eldest yew. Ceithearn and crafter, shares Fintan’s wisdom with all who fish. This day sleeve-wearers seek his presence, bid him now to join their Order with arms-grant given, Argent, a trillium purpure barbed vert and seeded Or.

In the fields of Malagentia, ringed with royal forest, the Maunche calls at the Great Northeastern Creach Rígh*on July’s ninth day, A.S. LI, at the Great Northeastern Creach Rígh* and it is the will of Ri Kenric and Bean-righ Avelina that this be done. And so it was done.

* ceithearn pronounced “Kern”

* Great Northeastern King’s Raid

** The little fire that warms is better than the big fire that burns.

Illumination by Lady Agatha Wanderer. Calligraphy by Mistress Nest verch Tangwistel. Words by Mistress Aneleda Falconbridge.

Scroll text inspired by the The Book of Anuerin, Cardiff MS 2.81.