Maunche – Gideon ha-Khazar

The great poet Samuel ha-Nagrid has written,

“Man’s wisdom is at the tip of his pen,

His intelligence is in his writing.

A pen can raise a man to the height

Of the scepter in the hand of his king.” *

We, King Kenric ap Essex and Queen Avelina Keyes, attest to the truth of this.

It is with a pen that Lord Gideon ha-Khaza has shared his knowledge of fighting laws and histories of the Jewish people with the Knowne World. We bid him approach the Eastern scepter to be named a Companion of the Order of the Maunche, so recognized at the Coronation of Their Majesties Kenric and Avelina in the Shire of Quintavia on the ninth of April, A.S. L.


Illumination by Agatha Wanderer, Calligraphy by Alexandre St. Pierre, words by Aneleda Falconbridge.
*Poem, “The Power of the Pen” by Samuel ha-Nagrid, is based on translations by David Goldstein and Peter Cole.