Lemon Lavender …Something

I am making a Something.

Magnus has lead me to name it “Aneleda’s Lemon Lavender Prison Hooch” because it’s not a mead, not a wine, not a beer, and not a cordial. But it’s boozy!

I made a lemon lavender sekanjabin for GNE, two bottles.

We drank one and I just opened the other late last week. And it POPPED and then was all very fizzy. So I smelled it – it was yeasty not fishy – and tasted it a little – sweet, very very sweet of course – with a light yeast tang to it. So I put it in the gallon carboy, added a little water, and stuck a bubbler on the top. She’s been burping away merrily and while I’ve no idea what kind of weird prison wine is going to come out of this, it’s gunna be a half gallon of *something* interesting.


Very standard recipe – 4 cup each sugar/water simple syrup, 1 cup of cider vinega……


I used Otto’s homemade cider vinegar. It’s entirely possible that there was yeast of some sort on it, or involved in it, at some point. Also, I used lavender and a straight up, unpeeled lemon. The lavender could have had wild yeast on it as well.


Update: September 3, 2015
It is still burping regularly, about once ever 4 hours or so.