Contents of My Bard Book

Because I’ve been asked more than once about the contents of my bard book, this is what’s in the latest incarnation. This is what’s in the book I carry with me, not my books at home or binders. I wear this volume (well, one very similar to this. This includes pages I just have sticking into the one I wear, which is leather with several signatures sewn in, each representing new additions. It’s a bit haphazard, but I seldom keep it out of my reach.*

It’s often worn on my belt, and I like having something for pretty nearly every occasion at my easy reach, should I be asked. It has served me very well. 

A Blacksmith Courted Me traditional
A North Country Lass or Northern Lasses Lamentation Broadside, Northern Lasses lamentation, / OR / the unhappy Maids Misfortune
A Song For King Gregor’s Private Ears Aneleda Falconbridge
A Young and Henpecked Husband’s Complaint anon c. 15c.
All in a Garden Green John Playford (1623-1686)
Alysoun anon middle English (1100-1250?)
Amarilli Mia Bella Giulio Caccini (1546-1618)
An Ode to Boorish Critics Everywhere Aneleda Falconbridge
Angus, Build a House For Me Aneleda Falconbridge
Anthem For Malewerdia Aneleda Falconbridge
As the Chain Holds Many Links Aneleda Falconbridge
Ave Tigris Regia Text by Judith FitzHenry, Fiana of Clare, & Alexandre d’Avigne, Melody 13th Cent. anon
Beloved Aneleda Falconbridge
Blou Northerne Wynd! anon. c. 1300 (Arthur Quiller-Couch, ed. 1919. the Oxford Book of English Verse: 1250–1900)
Bonny Portmore traditional
Bow to the Crown Lyrics Heather Dale
Broom of the Cowdenknowes traditional Scottish, Child #217, earliest pub 1651
By the Weight of the Chain Aneleda Falconbridge
Caledonia Dougie MacLean
Called the Captain -A Song For Cedric of Armorica and the Eastern Unbelted Champions of Pennsic Xl. Aneleda Falconbridge
Can She Excuse My Wrongs John Dowland, No V from First Booke of Songs or Ayres (1597
Carmen Orientalis Text by Wendy Gale (Sabine de Kerbriant). Medody: In Taberna from the Carmina Burana, 13th Century
Come Again Sweet Love…the Parental Version Aneleda Falconbridge
Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite John Dowland, the First Booke of Songs or Ayres (1597), No. 17
Coronation Feast From Hell Emil Allzuwissender
Corpus Christi Carol anon, middle English
Cruel Kate Rusby
Dance the War Away Aneleda Falconbridge
Death and the Maid tradtional, tune from 1729 is Broadside 107, late 16th century
Death Holds a Rapier Aneleda Falconbridge
Ever Comes the Sun Aneleda Falconbridge
Every Man May Be a King Aneleda Falconbridge
Excelsior Sir Diomedes Sebastianus
Fair Lady Atlantia (Lady by the Sea) Master Efenwealt Whystle (Scott Vaughn)
Farewell My Bonny Aneleda Falconbridge
Fighters of the Center of the Realm Aneleda Falconbridge
Fill the Cup Oh Merry Barmaid Aneleda Falconbridge
Fine Knacks For Ladies John Dowland, No. XII from Second Book of Songs or Ayres (1600)
Fire If You Expect Admiring Thomas Campion, 1601
Flow, My Beers Aneleda Falconbridge
Flow, My Tears John Dowland, 1600 in The Second Book of Songes (No.2)
Fly on Whitened Wing, a Poem For Dziuginte Stickbait Aneleda Falconbridge
Follow Me Aneleda Falconbridge
For Master Kraken Gnashbone, Fifteenth Tyger of the East Aneleda Falconbridge
Forsaking All Others Aneleda Falconbridge
Four Green Fields Tommy Makem, 1967
Gaudete, Gaudate 16th century, possibly earlier
Good People Gallowglass
Green Groweth the Holly Henry VIII, d.1547
Hardian’s Town / to the Hadchester Coast You Should Go Aneleda Falconbridge
Harvest Lisa Theriot
Health to the Company traditional
Here Comes the East Aneleda Falconbridge
Hold Fast Me Boys Aneleda Falconbridge
Hweat! Celowyn Aneleda Falconbridge, filk Neil Diamond
I Am My Mother’s Other Daughter Kudrun Pilegrim
I Am of the North Aneleda Falconbridge
I Care Not For These Ladies Thomas Campion, #3 in a Book of Ayres for the Lute, Bass Viol and Voice 1601
I Fight For You Aneleda Falconbridge
I Have a Gentle Cock anon 15th c. Sloane
I Have a Yong Suster anon, based on John Fleagle
I Know What Summer’s For Jean du Montagne
If I Die An Old Maid in a Garret Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
If I Were a Black Bird traditional
If I Were a Poet Kermit the Frog, Music by Stephen Lawrence / Lyrics by David Axlerod, 1982
Introverted Spouse Aneleda Falconbridge
I’Ve Gone to the Tourney on a Horse With No Name Aneleda Falconbridge, filk America
Jack and Joan Thomas Campion, the First Booke of Ayres. Contayning Divine and Morall Songs (about 1613
Joan’s Ale broadside, c.1594
Kingmaker and Valkyrie Aneleda Falconbridge
Ladies Revolt of AS 44 Written on the Occasion of Her Majesty Marguerite’s First Court Aneleda Falconbridge
Lady Isobel and the Elf-Knight Lisa Theriot
Leaves As Red As Love Aneleda Falconbridge
Lifeblood, a Viking Drinking Song Mistress Wyndrith Berginsdottir
Love Fights the Good Fight Aneleda Falconbridge
Love Song For the Poetically Challenged Aneleda Falconbridge
Maiden in the Moor anon, middle English, based on John Fleagle
Maleweardian Anthem Aneleda Falconbridge
Martin Said to His Man (Fie, Man Fie!)- Thomas Ravenscroft, Deuteromelia, 1609
Merie It Is middle English, Theodore Silverstein “English Lyrics Before 1500” (1989)
Monument Aneleda Falconbridge
My Heart Is offered Still to You Orlando di Lasso, 1560
My Lemman Doth Give Me Joy! Aneleda Falconbridge
My Mother’s Savage Daughter Mistress Wyndrith Berginsdottir
Neuer Ic the Ne Yeve Away Aneleda Falconbridge & Sir Richard Rollings
No Gentle Lamenting, a Lullaby For Daughters Aneleda Falconbridge
Northern Love Aneleda Falconbridge
Northguard! Aneleda Falconbridge
Now Springes the Spray – lyric anon. c.1300, tune Aneleda Falconbridge
Ode to Endewearde Aneleda Falconbridge
Ode to the Eastern Army Aneleda Falconbridge
Oh Rise Up My King Aneleda Falconbridge
On Christmas Day Aneleda Falconbridge
On Courtly Love by a Modern Troubador Aneleda Falconbridge
On Recognitions Aneleda Falconbridge
One of Us Heather Dale
Only Thl Lucia Elena Braganza
Over My Mountain Dougie MacLean
O’er the Hills (and follow Kenric) Aneleda Falconbridge, filk traditional
Parting Glass traditional
Passetyme With Good Companye Henry VIII, d.1547
Please to See the King traditional (popularized by Martin Carthy)
Raise Up the Sword, a Poem For Julien Aneleda Falconbridge
Reynardine traditional, Fairport Convention
River-Bone Warrior, a Song For Talen Aneleda Falconbridge
Robins m’Aime Adam de la Halle ca. 1284
Sailor’s Vigil Andrew O’Brien
Sainte Nicholaes English Mystic, Godric of Yorkshire, c.1065-1170
Saturday Night Up in Asgard Aneleda Falconbridge
Savage Father by Master Fiskr Hamondsen
See the Fires of Endewearde Aneleda Falconbridge
Sellinger’s Round/Under the Greenwood Tree William Byrd, 1591
Shield My Kinsmen Mistress Windryth Berginsottir
Song For the Bare Blade Tavern Brawl Aneleda Falconbridge
Song of the Shieldwall Words: Malkin Gray (Debra Doyle) Tune:Peregrynne Windrider (Melissa Williamson)
Stalk Like the Tyger Aneleda Falconbridge
Stands a Warrior Baroness Emma MacMinn
Stone Soup Healther Dale
Sweeting Carolyne Aneleda Falconbridge, filk Neil Diamond
The Book of Love Magnetic Fields
The Brigantia’s Lament Aneleda Falconbridge
The Broken Towers Aneleda Falconbridge
The Burning of Auchindoun traditional
The Call of the Drum Aneleda Falconbridge
The Cardinal Ordained, For Master Julien De Lapointe Aneleda Falconbridge
The Clean Song traditional shanty
The Compleynt of Anelida the Quene Upon Fals Arcite Chaucer, c. 1340–1400
The Drum and the Sword (Mylisant’s Song) Jean du Montagne
The Eastern Tygers Roar Aife ingen Chonchobair in Derthaige
The Favored One Aneleda Falconbridge
The Fight Aneleda Falconbridge
The Good Man traditional
The Hern anon, based on John Fleagle
The Keeper/Among the Leaves So Green-O collected by Cecil Sharp 1909, traditional
The King’s Man Aneleda Falconbridge
The Lady Reynardyne Aneleda Falconbridge
The Links of Virtue Aneleda Falconbridge
The Love Story of Turi Mackinnon and His Marguerite Aneleda Falconbridge
The March Home Aneleda Falconbridge
The Minstrel and the King Aneleda Falconbridge
The Minstrel Boy Thomas Moore (1779–1852), set to Irish air, The Moreen
The Northern Star Andrew O’Brien
The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood Fairport Convention
The River Ran Red Aneleda Falconbridge
The Sad Thistle Aneleda Falconbridge
The Tale of Jaden’s Shield Aneleda Falconbridge
The Tale of Spring Crown Tourney, As46 Aneleda Falconbridge
The Tale of Titus Aneleda Falconbridge
The Three Ravens Ravenscroft
The Veil Garraed Galbraith
The War Song Countess Maguerite (Katheryn Journay)
The Warlord Sits Upon His Throne Aneleda Falconbridge
There Was a Bard in London Town Aneleda Falconbridge & co.
This Endris’ Night I Saw a Sight c. 1475
This Worldes Joie middle English circa 1300, Aneleda Falconbridge tune
traditionalitional Irish Love Song (He Died, He Died, He Died) Aneleda Falconbridge
True Love’s Kiss Aneleda Falconbridge
Twa Corbies traditional
Unrequited, Unrequited Aneleda Falconbridge
Vade Mecum Ad Honorum Aneleda Falconbridge & Jean du Montagne
Vivat, the Dream! Warjna Waleska Katzjmjr (Varina Suellen Plonski) 1992
Wait For the War to Be Over Aneleda Falconbridge
Warriors of Endewearde Brian A. Hubbard/Lord Gwillim Kynith
We Be Three Poor Mariners Thomas Ravenscroft, Deuteromelia, 1609
We Wear the Purple and Gold Aneleda Falconbridge
Where the Bard Sings Aneleda Falconbridge
Wind That Shakes the Barley Robert Dwyer Joyce, Ballads of Irish Chivalry,1872
Wir Zogen in Das Feld (German and English) Georg Forster, Fresh teutsche Liedlein 1539-1556
Women of the Northern Army Aneleda Falconbridge
Word Burned Allies Aneleda Falconbridge
Wordles Bliss anon. 1265, after John Fleagle
Worms of the Earth Sir Volodomir Kambionets, OL (Bob Esty) (c)1986
Worms of the Earth (duplication) Sir Volodomir Kambionets, OL (Bob Esty) (c)1986
Þis Feste Is Ine Myne Stomak Aneleda Falconbridge & Yo Gabba Gabba

*The only time she’s been away for a night was after the Yukka Party at Duchy Von Drachenklaue one Pennsic. Billy Fish took good care of her and brought her back to me in the morning. (I was lucky that I brought home my own name that night and he didn’t have to bring that back to Thanet House too. Oi! Good times!)