Christmas Music of Days Long Past

length: 7:51 min  |  download size: 11.3mg

Please feel free to download it! Merry Christmas!

For Rainilt (Lee Ann Posavad) who wanted Christmas music….

I did not record anything new, but I DID go and look up the recording of last Christmas morning’s preludes and offering hymns from Christmas morning 2012. They are all very old carols accompanied by Kevin Birch at the beautiful Hook pipe organ at St. John’s Catholic in Bangor.

The songs are sections of :

This Endris Night (15th century)
The Carnal and the Crane (Child Ballad 55, believed to be much older than its first text)
Personent Hodie (1582 from the Piae Cantiones)

and the whole of the

Heuron Carol (c.1650).