On Chivalry and Honor

If I fight with the strength of men and of angels, and I have not Honor, I am made as a thoughtless gale, or a falling tree.

And if I have prowess, and know all strategies, and all knowing of tactics, and if I have all armies so that I bear over hills from one place to another, and I have not Honor, I am nought.

And if I part all my goods into the meats of my allies, and if I perfecteth my form and talents, so that I burn, and if I have not Honor, it profiteth to me nothing.

Honor is patient, it is just; Honor envieth not, it doeth not wickedly, it is not blown up with pride,

it is not covetous of others’ accolades, it seeketh not those things that be his own, it is not stirred to wrath, it thinketh not evil, nor keepeth record of others’ wrongs, nor cause others dishonor;

it joyeth not in wickedness, forsooth it joyeth together with truth;
it suffereth all things, it protecteth all things, it sustaineth all things, it defendeth all things.

Honor falleth never down, whether battles shall be voided, either households shall cease, either alliances and armies shall be destroyed.

For a part we know, and a part we prophesy, but when that shall come that requires Honor, that thing not of Honor shall be voided.

When I was a little child, I spake as a little child, I understood as a little child, I thought as a little child; but when I was made a man, I voided those things that were of a little child.

Forsooth we see now by a mirror in darkness, but then face to face; now I know of part, but then I shall know, as and I am known.

And now dwelleth Honor, Loyalty, Justice, Defense, Courage, Prowess, Largess, Humility, and Nobility; but the most of these is Honor.

* * * * *

— These thoughts are dedicated to the members of the Chivalry in my life, some of whom wear the white and some of whom who do not yet wear the white. I am as a little child, but I watch and grow with everything I witness. Your personal dedication to Honor is ever an inspiration. I am certain you know who you are. —

(Text based on the Wyclyffe Bible version of the famed First Corinthians. The Wyclyffe Bible was first compiled/translated in the late 1300s.)