An Ungraceful List of Dayboards

Endewearde Hunt 2004 $60 for about 35-40 people 22lb turkey, cooked in the manner of a swan, stuffed with bread, grapes, apples and onions medieval salad (lettuce, herbs, oil-vin dressing) bag of whole walnuts (w. cracker) 6 loaves bread (various kinds from Godric) 5lb cheddar cheese cooler of sekanajbin (by Margaret) and water 3 dozen pickled eggs and some plain hardboiled eggs

Endewearde Hunt 2006 $125 (60 to 70 people) 10 gallons of both chicken and vegetable stew with parsnips, mushrooms, onions, garlic 8-10 loaves of wheat and white bread and 2 kinds of honey butter, with and without cinnamon added green leafy salad tossed in an oil, balsamic vinegar and sugar dressing fresh fruits including apples, grapes, pears, and blackberries 3 meat pies with onion, garlic, currants and various seasonings 2 pounds of cheddar cheese donated by Freida – apricot perserves (beloved by the local bees) and pickled beets, and sweetmeats (mka dried fruit) various beverages including Lady Margaret’s sekanjibin, teas, and apple cider

Hunt 2005 $100 for 85 people Gourde in Pottage Cabboges in Pottage eggs sekanjabin bread cheese apples Check message 18

Jahan’s 2005 $84 for apx 60 people 3 bags apples 14 quarts carrot-leek (vegetarian) soup (2007 note: I don’t believe this quantity…I think it was far less) 7 loaves of bread and a tub of whipped butter 36 eggs a brick of goat cheese; block of cheddar one container of honey large salad (6 heads romaine lettuce, herbs, oil, vinegar and rosewater dressing) beverages were tea, cider packets and water

Jehan’s 2006 about $100? 96 pasties – mushroom and cheese (veg) and ground beef Soup – Split Pea & Ham – about 10 quarts 3 or 4 dozen hard boiled eggs Cheese – 5 lb Mild Cheddar and 2lb Muenster White bread (can’t recall how much) Honeyed-butter, 5lb apples; bag oranges Water with Lemons & Water with Orange Blossom Syrup Edit  Delete Jehan’s dayboard 2007 $150; estimated for 65 attendees; attendance was 120+ 142 pieces of bread (rolls, baguettes, wheat loaves) 17.5 lb cooked ham 54 hard-boiled eggs 5lb brick white cheddar, 1 lb goat cheese, 2 lb smoked Gouda 8-9 quarts Roasted Root Vegetable Soup (3 x3.5 quart stock pots full) Salad and dressing (two large salad bowls) 3 bags apples, honey, yogurt, Grif’s mustard, Frida’s apple jelly, Brownyn’s rice crispy subtlety, anon donation: a pecan pie, an apple pie, Thunder gave: a med turkey, 2 loaves homemade bread, 1.5 lb cheese, ¾ chocolate cake,

Yule Dinner (for family and friends – all medieval) I kept no cost record, but I fed 20 with MUCH left over Tourtes parmeriennes (with pork and currants) Venyson in Broth – venison soup Funges – Mushrooms in broth and spices Caboches in Pottage – spiced cabbages with onions Frytour of erbes – Batter-fried herb fritters served wtih honey beaver sausage; beer cheese, goat cheese and cheddar; honey butter; crackers Salat – a lettuce and herb salad suet (plumb) pudding with lemon sauce