Aneleda’s works…

This is the website for Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge, as she is known of in the Society for Creative Anachronism. It contains scroll text, lyrics, original songs and poetry, musings, and occasionally even instructions!


You Never Know

I was elevated this past weekend to the Order of the Laurel. I’m overjoyed and I’ll probably start writing about all of my thoughts as they come but first, I will give you that which was, seriously, the most frequently given … Continue reading

Viking Games

I’ve been sliding into the past of the past, embracing more and more a Norse-persona, Ǽhleða (aeth-letha). She’s been fun to play with and I’ve found great joy in Norse writings, culture, and clothing. However, I’ve REALLY loved the idea of rough play … Continue reading

Soup, Not Garbage


It started as a lesson in waste-not-want-not. Lady Anya (Jill Packard) had some chicken feet. She’d cleaned them and frozen them after the chicken harvest the year before, when she and her husband Lord Oleksander invited us to join in the … Continue reading

Brewer’s Guild Scores

Panel Results: East Kingdom Brewers Guild Brewer: Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge Rank Achieved (including date):  Journeyman 7/11/14; Novice (BrewU 3/31/12); Novice qualifying beverage: Hypocrats > Angelica Water BrewU (3/31/12): 65 Knowledge requirements: assists in local brewing knows the SCA policy on alcohol show an understanding … Continue reading


Photo of Olaf and Dalla by Christophe de Frisselle.

Beloved if you read this then know that I am gone. Our foe has overtaken all our lands. Beloved if you read this then I have burnt our home and slaughtered all our cattle to keep it from from their … Continue reading