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special projects / collaboration

Sometimes there's a project that just won't fit in a box. It might be a little unexpected or even "out there."

I love those projects! And I can help you find just the right thing for whatever you need, for example:

  • custom, one-of-a-kind card for a special occasion - digital or handmade
  • an announcement that's uniquely you
  • crazy, designey stunts (Want your proposal as full-page newspaper ad, a faux magazine cover, or a wrapped bus? Sure!)
  • a collage piece using photos you choose
  • scanning of special photos
  • digital photo restoration
  • mock magazine covers
  • personalized CD case and cover design
  • fabulous calling cards, leave-behinds and personally branded knickknacks
  • t-shirt designs
  • personalized typographical tattoos (seriously! I've done it!)
  • and more - try me!

Collaborative partners can help flush out any project you may have, ensuring that you get perfect, professional results for your whole project.

Among my favorite folks to work with are videographer Kim Mitchell of Digital Workshop, copywrighter and marketing maven Julie Eason and photographers Kevin Bennett, Shane Leonard and Monty Rand. And because you never know when you'll need something different, I have great relationships with many media writers, local actors and event visionaries - all of whom can help meet your exact needs!

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