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Imagine: you've been working for a while on your own materials, you're pretty content with them, but you have questions...Where to go for answers; whom to ask?

Ask me.

I have helped organizations and businesses find their way through their design quandaries for a more than a dozen years.

A design consultation can help:

  • ensure that your materials are working as a team
  • you decide which design/content will be more effective
  • craft sales sets for vendors, media and customers
  • help streamline and update your content
  • see if your message is getting across the way you think it is
  • give your existing materials additional polish
  • help you with professional print management
  • assess the effectiveness of your website
  • create solutions to make your pieces shine and stand out

Design consults can be conduced in-person, or with a combination of mail, email and phone meetings. It's up to you and your schedule. Fees range based on your needs and quantity of assistance requested. I will tailor a package to uniquely suit your specific needs - no more, no less.

In the meantime, you may find some solutions to common questions here, in my free e-article!

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