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CD art for the "For the Dream" Fundraiser music CD project, for both physical and digital release.


Monique Bouchard Design provides solution-oriented design and marketing that help organizations of all kinds stand out in a crowded world.


I am a graphic designer with over a dozen years of professional experience in graphic design, marketing and public relations. I also have a passion for watching organizations achieve recognition and success, which in this media-saturated age, is more and more closely linked to design.

I believe that every designed item should accurately reflect the content and be your voice and warm handshake when you can't be there yourself.

I believe in highlighting the message,  finding that picture worth a thousand words, capturing the imagination and highlighting your content in a way that can be easily understood by your audience.

I believe that excellent, inspiring design doesn't require a Fortune 500 budget,  but should have a Fortune 500 polish and attention to detail.

I believe that I can help every person, organization and business make the best presentation to the public in a way that is memorable and effective.

I would love the opportunity to work with you!

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